Bonjour!  Welcome to Boncrest!

Every day the entire Boncrest organization lives up to our name. “Bon” means good.  Boncrest greets every day with a hearty bon jour as we embrace the privilege of serving our communities and the needs of our individuals. When the sun rises, we are ready to serve. “Crest” is the highest point of any pinnacle. Every day Boncrest strives to reach the crest of effective and compassionate care in a faith affirming atmosphere. When the sun sets and we wish our communities and individuals a peaceful bonsoir, we reflect on the good Boncrest has accomplished at the highest possible crest of care.

Thank you for believing in Boncrest and its mission.

Innovative Senior Living Operator

Healthcare Delivery Solutions

Promoting active lifestyles

Thomas Baker
CEO, Boncrest


In a post-pandemic environment, our nation’s healthcare system is undergoing a massive transformation – from shifting payment models, skyrocketing costs, changing government regulations, and massive workforce shortages.

Many healthcare providers who service our most vulnerable citizens, including the elderly, are struggling to adapt and are finding themselves financially unstable and in many cases, unable to keep their doors open. This leaves many citizens without access to the care services they need.

At Boncrest, we are here to help those organizations find better, more creative ways to remain financially viable and continue to deliver high quality care to people who need it the most.

Through the collaboration with tax exempt, charitable organizations that prioritize programs over profits, Boncrest ensures that these under-served and under-resourced organizations survive, and in many cases thrive, in today’s challenging healthcare delivery environment.


Foxwood Springs
Raymore, Missouri

Robin Run Village
Indianapolis, Indiana

Christian Care Communities
and Services, Texas